Frequently asked questions

Q.: What is the advantage of hiring a live band or entertainer?

A.: A live band or entertainer - that`s real, live, human musicians that get excited about the music they play. The excitement is contagious and creates a musical interaction with the audience. This means that the more your guests enjoy and dance we kick the energy up which gets the people even more excited and on and on.
If you've ever asked yourself why the same songs can be performed by a band and played by a DJ, but the events with live music are always the more successful ones - this is the reason: Interaction. Live music creates a mood and excitement that simply cannot be replaced with recorded music.

Q.: Do you have a video, CD or a demo tape?

A.: In addition to the promo found here on our website, we also have an audio CD that we would be happy to send to you upon request. Just complete our on line Entertainment Planner. If we're open for your date you'll receive a free CD demo in a few days!

We also produced a video several years ago and it was high class!  But we found that as our repertoire changed the video did not reflect our actual abilities anymore, but the cost of updating was not resonable. Most of clients were making their hiring decisions based on the updated audio demo, our song list, and by seeing us perform live (which we prefer).

Q.: Can we see you perform?

A.: Generally it is possible to come out to a wedding, function or corporate event and see the band. You should be appropriately dressed and behave discreetly. You should arrive at least two hours after the function has begun (after dinner). As a general rule, hotels are better than private locations for viewing the band. However, each facility has its own guidelines, including some that do not allow any viewers. This is beyond our control, though most of our clients will show understanding for you to visit us if we announce it in advance. It is always possible to come and see us at a club gig that we also once in a while do if we have some free dates. Check up with us to find out more about our live gigs schedule.

Q.: How long you normaly play for?

A.: Our standard time frame is five hours, but additional time can be arranged.

Q.: How many breakes do you take?!

A.: We only take a short ten minute break every hour on a five hour event. Usually, we play our dinner set until the entrees have been served. If you're having a buffet, we play until most of the guests have been served. We typically start our first dance set at about the time the tables are being cleared from dinner. After that we only take two ten-fifteen minute break.

Q.: What happens if I don`t want my party to stop while the band takes a break?

A.: AlexOriginal Band  provides DJ service throughout all breaks. We have a full DJ set-up including two CD players and 100's of songs, all on CD's. With AlexOriginal Band, the dancing doesn't stop! In fact, our DJ`s  Mr. Sugar Ray or DJ Steve is often available to either to start your party off before the band begins or to keep the party going after the band is done.

Q.: I am concerned about the volume of the band . How can I be sure that the Band won´t be too loud?

A.: We are EXPERTS at keeping the volume just right. During the dinner we play a mix of standards, jazz, easy listening and soft rock at a volume that your guests have no problem at all to carry on a conversation without shouting at each other. After dinner we bring it up just enough to get the guests dancing. AlexOriginal Band  brings a state of the art sound system to every gig that provides the highest quality sound, even at low volumes. We can quickly raise or lower the volume of the entire band with just the touch of a single button. We take it from the point where we prefer that you ask us to turn the volume up, rather that you ask us to take it down. We have lots of “unplugged” (not amplified) music programms – just contact us to get more information if these kind of programm is your”cup of tea”.

Q.: How are the members of the Band dressed  for example on a wedding reception?  

A.: The gentlemen in the band wear black or dark suits and our female vocalist wears formal evening dress.

Q.: Will the tunes and songs that you play sound like the originals?

A.: Some more than the others. Some of the music we play is as close to the original as it is possible with the instruments we have in the band. Some of our solists and vocalists will take a song to a total new musical dimension but emotionly we are always devoted to what a certain piece of music stands for. We arrange some of our repertoire into medleys which enables us to keep the high energy entertainment level up by avoiding breaks in between the songs.

Q.: Our favorite song is not on your list; will you learn this song for us?

A.: Yes. If you would like us to learn a specific song for your event we can usually do it if fits the band profile. Because of our activity we have a very limited time to work up music for gigs every week, we have to limit this to one song per event. We also need at least 6 weeks advance notice and a tape or CD of the music.

For those that wish to hear a song that we don´t play, we can always make sure that you hear the original artist's version of your special song on our full DJ set-up to play a CD of the original version of any song you request.

Q.: How will your MC handle the flow of  events, for example the introductions of specials?

A.: Upon request you can receive our wedding procedure form in advance that allows you to specify the flow of your event. You can also use our online sheet to contact us. After you return the completed form by mail, email or facsimile we will get in touch with you to check up the details. Our Band leader is also the Master of Ceremonies. He will be during the entire function in direct contact with you  to ensure best possible coordination of the events. Additionally, all of the members of AlexOriginal Team have rich experience of working together with catering staff and all other vendors, so you can be sure that we will handle everything according to your wishes.

Q.: Do we have to pick up the songs for our function?

A.: About six weeks before your reception, we'll ask you to take a look at our song list on this website. Although not required, you can give us a list of songs that you would  like to hear and we'll do our best to play them for you. The best way to indicate your choice of songs is to print out our song list and then make your selections. You don't have to choose every single song. We've performed at hundreds of weddings and we are experts at deciding what to play and when to play it, depending on how your guests respond. We may not be able play all of your requests, or we may have to use our judgement and vary from your selection. This is an issue of flow - we need to keep the music going and we can't always stop to consult the list. Our goal is to keep the dance floor busy what makes a party a successful one.

Q.: How far in advance shell I book your band?

A.: To make sure that you get the exact date that you want, contact us as far in advance as possible. Six, twelve and up to eighteen months in advance is not uncommon if you want to be sure to get a specific date. You should contact us as far in advance as possible. However you can always try to book us on short notice too! Often dates change, occasionally cancel or sometimes we just have a day that stays open. You won't know unless you contact us.

Q.: How much will it cost to hire your band / entertainer for our function?

A.: It depends. We are a busy act and are well booked into this and next coming year. Our rates are set by demand and are subject to market forces, which means that some days of the week are more desirable than others. Ussually, Friday or Saturday night events will have the highest rates (exept on common holidays). Overtime can be arranged at anytime before the last song.
If you would like to know exactly what we would charge for your event just give us a call at ++ 49-221-251669 or ++ 49-171-4106004.You'll receive pricing and availability information by email, usually within few days!

Sometimes we may have to charge extra if the load-in and load-out is especially difficult or the event requires unusual load-in or load-out time. This is pretty rare and we usually know about the tough places in advance so you can be advised well ahead of time. You can also email us the date, hours and the location of your event. Be sure to submit both a daytime and an evening phone number. If you provide your mailing address we will send you a free CD demo.

Q.: Can you offer us a propriate music during a cocktail or a wedding ceremony?

A.: We surely can. For a modest charge our pianist is often available for the ceremony and/or the cocktail hour. If you have something special in mind for your ceremony like a cassical tenor, mezzosopran or a whole gospel choir – we have the best in Europe! See Service.

Q.: I decided to hire the AlexOriginal Band, what happens next?

A.: Once you have given us a confirmation on the phone, the date will be “blocked” for you. We add your date to our schedule and we send you our agreement that clearly spells out the terms and conditions. Your deposit, which is € 750, is due along with the signed agreement. The signed agreement with deposit must be returned to the band within two weeks of the issue date. If you fail to do so, the date is no longer "blocked" and we are free to book that date with another event.

Q.: Will you „hold“ a date for our event?

A.: We get a lot of inquiries and it is our policy give our dates to the first client who calls us wanting to confirm. For this reason we are not able to hold dates for those who are still deciding if they wish to hire us.

Q.: Will there be any unexpected expenses or extra charges?

A.:  No. Everything will always be completely documented in a contract for our mutual understanding and protection. If you request anything that requires additional personnel, rental fees or travel, lodging etc., or if the gig involves playing outdoors or in a tent, this must be contracted and arranged in advance. We will never pop any unespected charges on you.

Q.: Do you have any helpful tips and suggestions for us?

A.: Yes, here are a few:

Plan the announcements, speeches and presentations to match with the breaks to minimize the length of “down time” when the band is not playing.

To create the right atmosphere for dancing, be sure to arrange for dimming the room lights after dinner.

While it's appropriate to greet your guests and thank them for attending, don't forget to get out there and party! The tone of the reception is most often set by the Hosts - If you're dancing and having fun, your guests will follow along and have fun too. Our most successful receptions are those where the Hosts lead the way! It's your party - enjoy it!

If possible, the band should be set up as close to the dance floor as possible, preferably with no tables in between. This enables us to have interaction with the dancers and helps ensure that no one is seated directly in front of the speakers.

Older guests are often very sensitive to sound, even at low volumes. Although volume is never an issue with AlexOriginal Band, please consider the preferences of your guests. When creating your seating plan for the reception, be sure to seat the older guests away from the band and the dance floor. They'll thank you for it!

Good planning and communication will enable us to do the best possible job. Get all of your information to the band as early as possible, including your schedule and any other special requests or dedications. While we do our utmost to please our clients, last minute surprise requests are sometimes difficult to fulfill.

Finally, once you've finished your planning, relax and enjoy – it´s your day! With AlexOriginal Band you can be assured that it will be the best it can be!