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Protection of Privacy

The protection of personal information and its confidential treatment is a great concern of our visitors. AlexOriginal is aware of this. We would therefore like to describe below which information we collect and how we handle it.

Our security principles on our website:
  • We do not save any kind of user profiles (personal data – except for information provided by you in forms)
  • We save no data on your computer (no cookies or similar)
  • We do not forward any information (unless it is required to fulfill your request)
  • We use no technologies that can cause possible damage to your computer (Active-X, Java, etc.)
I. Updates to this Privacy Protection Statement

Due to constant technical and legal innovations, we must change or update the following privacy protection statement from time to time. Therefore, please check our website before each use to see whether a new version has been posted.

II. Type of Information Collected

AlexOriginal creates no user profiles.

We survey collective data – that is, data on the number of visitors to our website, as well as the pages that they visit. Specifically, the name of the file, date and time of the page load, the amount of data transferred and a message as to whether loading was successful are saved with every page load. This information provides us with insight into the general interests and preferences of our users. This information does not constitute personal data; rather, it is of a general, statistical nature. That is to say, we cannot determine which user loaded which data.

In addition, we automatically collect and save information transmitted by your browser, especially your IP address and the version of your browser software. This information is a basic building block of Internet technology and is collected exclusively for the purposes of system administration and correct transmission of our pages.

If you send us emails or request informational materials or support at other locations, please provide your name, address and email address, as well as any other relevant information that may be necessary. We will save this information. Please note that not all fields are required fields. This means that you are the one who can best decide what information to entrust us with. We need the required fields in order to fulfill the services you ask of us.

All data is saved and processed separately and never compiled at any time.

III. Duration of Storage and Deletion

Personal data (that is, information provided by you in forms) are saved for a maximum of 2 years or until the service you requested has been fulfilled. Of course, you always have the option of requesting complete or partial deletion of your data. We will fulfill this request immediately.

IV. Cookies

For your security, AlexOriginal does not use cookies on any websites.

Cookies are small text files that can be stored on the hard disk of a website visitor. They enable personalized settings to be carried out on the website. Visitor behavior – especially which pages are called up – can be tracked with these files. Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but some are configured so that they do not accept them or at least provide notice when a cookie has been sent to them.

V. Forwarding to Third Parties

AlexOriginal does not forward collected information to third parties. This information is especially not sold, leased or traded.

We only transmit data when we engage our resellers or agents to carry out the services you request, and even then, only to the extent required. In this case, we require our partners to handle the data in accordance with legal regulations and to delete it immediately as soon as it is no longer required. We thank you for understanding that we cannot comprehensively monitor this obligation, so that we accept no liability for any possible violations.